NEWS 2009

November 11, 2009

Online interview with Mr. Joseph Sang from Nessuit location

muziee: How is the situation in Nessuit and other Mau forest areas ?

josephsang: Evictions ON. more than 300 policemen were mobilized yesterday to join another contingent which camped last month - Nessuit is quite fine with no rains. Notice is affecting Tinet and South western Mau.

muziee: Okay, I will put our conversation in the Forestguardian Homepage ... we must become more actuallity ... for the Peoples who reading in the Homepage ... Many peoples worldwide are interests for actually news ... the Ogiek are not alone in fightig for the Ogiek rights - Together we are a good team - Ogiek need help from many peoples round about world ... many peoples writing protests to the government in Kenya ... Ogieks without Forest are fishes without water !

josephsang: Thanks to hear this. I will forward to you a letter on details and strategies we are now planning. Although the Ogiek are not affected (as the government would like us to believe) we still feel that the government may be out to trick us.

muziee: Please if you can send me the letter to my e-mail xxx ... its my core mail adress ...

josephsang: OK. check your mail in seconds

muziee: Now the mail is coming ...

josephsang: Recieved ??

muziee: Yes ... I will put all this in the Forestguardian Homepage - Together we are strong !

josephsang: ThanX

muziee: Everybody makes his work ... any are fieldworker, any are journalists ... any are webmasters ... thats the game ... names teamwork 

josephsang: Its interesting ! but I am not a journalists. what I always believe is that teamwork can achieve the best results if only the players are singing the same song !

muziee: Yes ... the same song !

muziee:  Thanks for the interview ... and forgive my bad english - my heart is feeling the same as yours ...